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St. John Gualbert TV Ministry


Proclaim! is a nonprofit weekly show broadcast on Fox 8 WWCP every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. (Charter Cable 8). Proclaim! is dedicated to bringing Catholic news to you from a viewpoint other than that of the major networks.

Part of the St. John Gualbert Cathedral's TV ministry, Proclaim! is made up of several segments including a news block anchored by Fr. Chuck Bridges, as well as Can We Talk, hosted by Bishop Joseph Adamec, and Catholic Teen Talk hosted by Aaron Lemmon.

The Televised Mass

The Mass from St. John Gualbert's airs live at 11:00 AM every Sunday (following Proclaim!). Our TV Mass reaches the faithful as far away as West Virginia and Ohio. Click here to see a map of our broadcast area.

We welcome both suggestions and actual footage of important events/topics. Footage must have an explanation attached describing the events recorded.



To contact us

Or write us at

P.O. Box 807
Johnstown, Pa 15907.




Mass at Saint John Gualbert

An important part of our TV ministry at St. John Gualbert is the one hour long, live TV Mass at 11:00 AM every Sunday morning on WWCP/Fox Channel 8. The Mass is presented in a 5-week cycle, with Monsignor George Flinn taking two Masses, Father Chuck Bridges and Father Jack Brezovec each taking one, and a guest celebrant celebrating at least one Mass in the cycle.

The 11:00 AM Mass started back in the late 1980's as a means of getting the Sunday Mass to the shut-ins and elderly of the Johnstown region. Originally it aired only in the city of Johnstown via local cable access. Beginning with just two cameras, a makeshift control center, and a few volunteers, over the years the project over the years has evolved and expanded. St. John Gualbert's TV Ministry now boasts five cameras, a new soundproof booth, and a healthy group of two dozen volunteers, about half of whom are under the age of 18. With the help of our sponsors, including the generosity of Saint Vincent de Paul our broadcasts can be seen as far away as Ohio and West Virginia.


Teen Talk

Aaron Lemmon is the host of Catholic Teen Talk. He has a wide variety of guests and they discuss issues that matter to teens and how they relate to the Catholic Church today. Originally, Aaron shared hosting duties with Mindy Hartfiel. Currently, Teen Talk is looking for a new co-host for Aaron.




Can We Talk

Bishop Joseph Adamec, has a wide variety of guests to discuss matters from theology to faith to ministry and service among God’s people. Can We Talk has been blessed with a prestigious guest each week to discuss important topics with the bishop.

"We talk about being church and what that means to us." Bishop Joseph Adamec


Minute-a-Month Ministry

The Minute-a-Month Ministry was created by Fr. Chuck Bridges as a way of letting the viewers participate in our ministry by funding part of the 90 minutes that we are on commercial broadcast television. Viewers may donate money in any way they choose, but the most common method is the Minute-a-Month Ministry. People participate in the Minute-a-Month Ministry sending a small sum of money every month to Proclaim!

Participants also receive free copies of our monthly newsletter and a nifty Proclaim! refrigerator magnet. The usual levels of participation are as follows:

Minutes Per Month Monthly Pledge Yearly Pledge
1/2 $10.00 $120.00
1 $20.00 $240.00
2 $40.00 $480.00
3 $60.00 $720.00
4 $80.00 $960.00
5 $100.00 $1,200.00