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In 1991, when Bishop Paul Boyle arrived, he found three priests, twelve women religious, one brother and one permanent deacon serving 2,700 Catholics across 1,300 square miles. Today there are thirty priests, thirty-nine women religious, eleven brothers, eight permanent deacons, and six seminarians. With such incredible growth comes an increased need for financial support. Because the Diocese of Mandeville sits in the poorest region of Jamaica, only a few parishes are able to provide their pastors with a modest income (Sunday collections average less than US$20). 

It is for this reason that Bishop Joseph Adamec and the various diocesan councils have committed to the Mandeville Twinning Project. Among Bishop Boyle's many concerns are the provision of housing for missionary priests and religious, the establishment of parish schools, and the construction of simple chapels of worship. Your participation today permits Bishop Boyle to continue along the path of evangelization in the name of Jesus Christ. 

July, 1991 Pope John Paul II establishes Mandeville as an Apostolic Vicariate, appointing Bishop Paul Michael Boyle as its first Apostolic Vicar. Serving the faithful are three priests, one deacon, one brother, and twelve sisters.

December, 1997 Pope John Paul II establishes the Diocese of Mandeville. Bishop Boyle becomes the first Bishop of Mandeville.

February, 1998 Bishop Joseph V. Adamec of Altoona-Johnstown responds favorably to Bishop Boyle's inquiry seeking a twinning arrangement.

November, 1999 Bishop Adamec and Bishop Boyle dedicate the Prince Gallitzin House in Spur Tree, Jamaica. A gift to the Diocese of Mandeville from he peoples of Altoona-Johnstown, the Prince Gallitzin House serves as a guesthouse for visitors offering their time and talents to the faith communities of Mandeville. At the same time, Bishop Joseph pledges ongoing aid to the Diocese of Mandeville through a yearly collection from the faithful in the Church of Altoona-Johnstown.

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