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"It is the task of the Catholic press to balance, to complete, and if necessary, to correct the news and comments about religion and the Christian will be a glass that reflects the world and a light to show it the way." 

Established in 1934, The Catholic Register has served as the official publication of the Diocese offering readers news of the Catholic Church locally, nationally and internationally. It remains a primary means of communication between the Bishop and the people of the local church. 

With a subscription of over 36,000 households, the paper is a prize-winning member of The Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. The editor, Fr. Timothy P. Stein, sits on the CPA Board and has received numerous awards for journalistic excellence. Bruce A. Tomaselli is the manager and Frances M. Logrando is secretary. 

The deadline for the bi-weekly publication is noon on the Monday before the next Monday's publication date. Call our office to obtain a publication schedule or advertising information.