About the Icons By Fr. William Hart McNichols, SJ.
St. Andrei Rublev Icons

Fr. William Hart McNichols, SJ. All of the icons on our web site were designed by priest and artist, 
Fr. William Hart McNichols. 

We are grateful for his warm generosity and for his extraordinary icons which  add deep spiritual beauty to our Web Site. If you would like to learn more about Fr. McNichols icons, you can contact: 

St. Andrei Rublev Icons 
P.O. Box 5352 
Albuquerque, NM  87185 


More about the specific icons used on our site. 

Every section of the web site has an icon chosen for its special significance. 

St. Andrei Rublev "The Holy Family" -  Our homepage is marked by an icon which highlights St. Joseph receiving with wonder and love the Christ Child tenderly offered to him by his wife Mary, the Mother of God.  May the Faithful find such support in this Diocesan Household of God. 

"St. Joseph Shadow of the Father" - Bishop Joseph's pages are marked with the image of his patron and the patron saint of all fathers, husbands, carpenters, all workers, a "happy" death, and the Patron of the Universal Church ... the Mystical Body of Christ. 

"Our Lady of Loreto" - The icon marking the Administration pages features the house of the Mother of God, and the family home of her husband St. Joseph and the Child Jesus in Nazareth, which was miraculously transported and placed in the small village of Loreto, Italy on December 10, 1294. As the Holy Family cradles its home, so too those in administration care for the people and structures of the church entrusted to them. 

"The Servant of God Solanus Casey" - In 1896 he entered the Capuchin Order and was ordained a priest in 1904. The icon depicts his life of ministry feeding the hungry; his raised hand represents blessing and healing.  Because of his compassion for the people of God, Fr. Solanus Casey is an excellent choice to mark our ministry site. 

"The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ" - As Mary and Joseph delivered the new born Christ Child in the shelter of a stable, so is the life of the church nourished and sheltered by the many parishes throughout the Diocese.  May these churches sustain the life of Christ in each of us through our engagement on the parish level. 

"The Servant of God Egide Van Broeckhoven, SJ" - Many members of the Society of Jesus have been teachers since the 1500s. Fr. Egide described his vocation as teaching "the mystical depths of friendship." May our ministry of education deepen understanding and faith and the ties of friendship among all God's people. 

"St. Joan of Arc and St. Michael the Archangel" - Both powerful communicators of God's word to the people, this icon marks our "News and Events" site which can be updated regularly with the latest news of the Diocese. 

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